The key to our brand philosophy is empathy.

Empathy leads to deeper understanding.
Understanding drives meaningful innovation.
Innovation builds esteemed brands that move markets.

We help wellness brands deploy empathy to connect with their audience.


We work to conceive of brilliant ideas and then execute them memorably, in ways consistent with our clients’ desires, aspirations, and objectives.Read moreless

EMPATH strives to create true brand innovation. Sometimes that innovation is a brand strategy. Sometimes it’s an app, a website or a crucial piece of digital technology. Sometimes it might be a television commercial, a film, or even an independently produced podcast show. Sometimes it’s creating an entirely new product, a corporate brand name or even a new company. And sometimes it might just be an ad campaign.

Regardless of what we create, we enjoy challenging the status quo. In that way, we avoid the pitfalls of the familiar and mundane.

Client Experience

We like to keep things simple. What clients and their brands need is less complexity, not more. Not more services, but more innovative thinking.Read moreless

We believe that creativity and innovation thrive when imaginative people have the freedom to take risks, which leads to work that matters. This does not mean, however, that ideas, strategies and creative executions should be developed unsystematically in complete chaos. That is why we have developed a work process that is responsive to many different situations and circumstances.

Our process consists of three (3) basic steps, which taken together serve both as an itinerary through the project and as a system of checks and balances. These help to ensure that we are thoroughly addressing all aspects of your business reality.

Uncover Truth

Our strategy uncovers and creates lasting truths about your brand, which will be the key to your brand’s long-term success, and temporary truths, which can be adapted as your brand grows and extends.

Craft Clarity

One of the most critical parts of our work is clarifying the unifying elements in the information gathered in order to craft compelling and articulate messages, metaphors, narratives and stories.

Design Beauty

Beautifully executed visual ideas touch emotions, move minds, and then build brands. We ensure that we design every brand touchpoint and each engagement to be more aesthetically beautiful.