The Art of Storytelling


1, Sep 2019. 11:05am

When I say the word storytelling, what comes to mind?

When I think about storytelling, I think about Hansel and Gretel, Goldilocks, and other nursery rhymes my grandma used to read to me as a child at bedtime.

But storytelling is more than fairytales and bedtime stories.

It’s also the oldest form of human communication, dating back to the Neanderthal era and paintings on cave walls.

Behind every painting or symbol is a story. Like the Nike Swoosh. I bet that when Phil Knight debuted the swoosh, and even today, many people didn’t know it represented the winged goddess of victory in Greek mythology.

Storytelling connects with people on a deeper, more inspirational level.

It can transcend the product.

It can move people.

And it can be the very foundation to build a brand.

Put simply, storytelling is about communicating a message to your audience – whether it be written, oral, visual, audio.

If you know how to craft your story it will help your move your brand forward to greater recognition and higher sales.

What is your story?