Event: Market Like A Presidential Candidate


4, Sep 2020. 06:19am

Some of the best insight comes from analogous sources. In a recent one-hour webinar, one of our favorite Strategic Partners, Nik Rogers, explains the key concepts that helped him put over 500 Governors, Senators, Congressmen, Legislators, Sheriff’s, Treasurers, City Council members, Prime Ministers and Presidents into office by creating thousands of successful campaign commercials.

What can brand marketers take away from political marketing? A lot. See why by viewing the recording below.

Having developed the initial media campaigns for President Trump, Nik left the company he helped build into the premier political consultancy in the U.S. because he felt the campaign was misaligned with his values. And he has tales to tell about it. Along the way, he’ll share some ethical behind-the-scenes strategies he’s developed that will help you build a strong marketing strategy for your brand.

EMPATH, a non-partisan brand and marketing consultancy, hosted this one-hour virtual webinar, from San Luis Obispo, California, based on thousands upon thousands of failed and successful business and political campaign strategies.

Putting aside political preferences, this dialog will focus on the sensemaking between political marketing and brand marketing.