Healthtech is the New Healthcare


26, Nov 2020. 11:48am

As an avid observer of human behavior, I was curious how customer research, digital platforms, and marketing strategies have changed for health and wellness brands during the past year. The article that follows includes interviews with over a dozen leading health and wellness executives across the Fortune 500 and startups. 

What I learned validated some of what I had already assumed, but insights like “cancer doesn’t stop,” from Bill Lepler, Director of  Marketing Analytics at City of Hope, reminded me that although behaviors have changed, systemic diseases have not. Read on Entrepreneur Media. 

Know what customers want and success will soon follow 

“The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated demand for existing products” said Steven Keller, Steven Keller, Global Director, Digital Marketing and Strategy, Ultrasound and Life Care Solutions, GE Healthcare. “As hospitals were being overrun with patients in critical care units, we forged collaborations with technology and thought leaders like Microsoft and Oregon Health & Science University Hospital to safely connect doctors with patients.” 

This collaboration, and others like it, facilitated safer connections, and allowed them to scale up to meet rapidly increasing demand. A much needed desire from their customers. Additionally, seeing the impact that COVID-19 had on their healthcare customers, Keller and team focused their marketing efforts on providing information to educate and empower, rather than inundating their customers with untimely and sales-style messages.

Continue reading to learn how a preference for digital and self-service has prevailed, and why many businesses are using additive marketing (rather than digital exclusively).