How Food and Beverage Brands Handle Choice, Change and Amazon


19, Oct 2020. 16:51pm

In an effort to understand marketing practices during and after Covid-19, my team and I interviewed leading marketing, brand, and strategy executives from a variety of food and beverage brands.

Seasoned and phenomenally insightful executives like Neil Kimberley at Essentia Water, Matt Andersen at King Juice Co./Calypso Lemonade, Pietro Guerrera at La Maison du Chocolat, Tove “Danielle” Robinson at Dirty Hands, LLC, Jason Harty at Theo Chocolate, Joni Huffman, Austin Allan,

We uncovered three recurring themes throughout our interviews: a newfound focus on distribution, shifts in consumer behavior, and a certain repentance about relying too much on Amazon.

A true wealth of insight. Thanks to all those who’ve provided their time and expertise, below is a short excerpt from the article.

“People don’t spend time shopping online like they do when they go out and shop in stores,” said Pietro Guerrera, Head of Ecommerce and Marketing at La Maison du Chocolat USA. “The experience is different. Especially for digitally native consumers who want an easier way to buy.” Guerrera, with years of experience managing ecommerce platforms for premium brands like Eataly, explained how online shopping is less forgiving than in-store buying. Online, consumers want all the information, and it needs to be a click away. Their attention span is often limited and their purchasing journey usually stimulated (or bombarded) by multiple deals, so loyalty is often at stake. In a store, however, customers can browse and discover. Guerrera spoke favorably about Google Shopping (who recently eliminated commissions on sales). “Google Shopping works well because customers are ready to buy. It’s about perfecting pictures, creating compelling descriptions, and having an effective pricing structure. The feed [from your website] is critical, and these technicalities are important to maximizing your advertising expenditure.” 

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