The Importance of Brand


1, Sep 2019. 11:05am

There are many, many factors in what a brand is and could be for a business. It’s the visual image, the verbal message, the company culture, the offerings and how they’re delivered. It’s what’s going on in the economy, trends and technological advances.

But everything starts with the customer connection.

Before a business can even think about launching a brand initiative, they have to understand their customers.

Who is the audience the company is looking to connect with? Is that the right audience? What’s important to them? Who do they identify with? What media do they love, and what kinds of narratives appeal to them?

You can only decide how you’re going to make deeper connections when you have answers to those questions.

Sure, a company can dial in on the demographics they think their target audience fits and execute an advertisement campaign. That still works in its way. But you can make deeper connections by going beyond statistics and reaching people’s hearts. And we have respectful, but effective ways to find out how.