Neuroscience in Branding


1, Sep 2019. 11:05am

The connections you make between your offerings and your customers has a lot to do with emotion.

Does your product resonate with a customer on an emotional level?



Humans make almost all their decisions based on emotions, and only later justify them with logic. It’s neuroscience.

That’s why we partner with leading neuroscientists, anthropologists, and PhD’s when we investigate and develop a client’s brand.

For example, we learned about a study that was done with two groups of people in one room, each group taking the same test at different times. For one group, the room was scented with rosemary. It wasn’t scented with anything for the other.

The group with the rosemary scent retained more information than the unscented group. It turns out that scent elicits powerful memories—positive and negative—because emotion enhances memory.