Overcome Stagnation


19, Aug 2019. 06:43am

How do you overcome business stagnation?

Take a page from Chipotle’s playbook from 2017, when they brought in a new CEO to help them  recover from their downward spiral of food-borne illness outbreaks and a data breach.

They focused on improving the customer convenience.

This included significant interface design  and content updates for their mobile app, website, and loyalty program.

They offered customers another option to order their food by partnering with delivery companies like DoorDash.

They made it easier for customers to make their choices by rolling out new menu items based upon  popularity.

They eliminated lines for people who order online and pick up food in-store—no  waiting.

Then they produced inspired TV commercials to share their story.

Marketing done right will bring customers in, but bad service will keep them from coming back.  

Stagnating businesses can revive themselves by taking a fresh look at their customer journey, and pinpointing ways to make improvements.