Alex Lacerda

Creative – Design Director

With advertising and design experience that dates back to 1999, award-winning art director Alex Lacerda brings a versatile skill set to EMPATH’s team and clientele.

In the 80s to early 90s his mother was a copywriter for an advertising agency. Next to her was her colleague, the art director. “I thought, seeing that as a kid, that this guy was having fun. It doesn’t seem like a job,” he says.

Alex has been having fun ever since and is highly skilled in client communications and the effective execution of their needs. He feels that the first of the many conversations he has with his clients helps him understand what feeling, story, or statement he will convey for them.

Alex got his start with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in advertising, from Tuiuti University of Parana, Brazil. Working with agencies and clients, he focused on packaging, branding, and print collateral design. As he continued to build up his skills and collaborate with others on visual content, Alex’s work always emphasized his clients’ brands and the ways he could convey their message visually.

When he moved to San Luis Obispo in the early 2000s, Alex moved to the digital side of branding in the consumer electronics, semiconductor, beverages, destination marketing, and gaming industries. He's created sleek, distinctive visual pieces for premier agencies and organizations such as Samsung Mobile U.S., Apple, Hewlett Packard, McAfee, Blackberry, Monster Energy, Bandai Namco, EA, Quicksilver and others.

The switch from print to digital was natural and easy for him because he’s constantly immersing himself in visual communication concepts through colleagues or simple web searches. According to Alex, what made him stand apart from his peers is that he always “paid a little bit more attention” to the visual aspects of his surroundings. His online design work has been recognized three times with a WebAward from the Web Marketing Association.

Alex's experience isn't limited to creating visual concepts. He has also led teams on website redesigns, product launches, digital and print campaigns, and refreshing existing brands. With every project, he has excelled in providing an end product that not only satisfies the client but also increases audience engagement.

In his free time, he manages, and plays with, High Voltage, a stellar tribute band to the rock ‘n’ roll legends AC/DC. Alex’s rhythm guitar and backing vocals add wattage to the energetic experience.