Ed Bogas

Creative — Composer, Musician, Radio Producer

Record industry, motion picture and commercial clients continue to turn to EMPATH and the talents of Ed Bogas for original music – written, arranged, produced and customized quickly to meet their creative challenges and needs.

A Grammy-nominated composer, Ed has scored hundreds of animated television shows, series and films featuring such illustrious characters as Fritz the Cat, Charlie Brown, Garfield and Betty Boop. He has also created stunning custom branded music and award-winning radio campaigns for clients like Macy’s, Harris Ranch Beef Company, Tully’s Coffee, Chevy’s Restaurants, US Weekly, Contra Costa Clean Water Program, First Republic Bank, Pepsi, eBay and many others.

Ed continues to work to score award-winning films and create dynamic radio campaigns and Podcasts for some of the most coveted clients in the business. In addition to his expertise in the world of music for animation and commercials, Ed also produces CDs for both entertainment and educational purposes.

In his previous life in academics, Ed attended Stanford University where he was working on his Ph.D. in Mathematics.