James Henning, M.D.

Healthcare Innovation Advisor — Medical Doctor

Dr. Henning believes that the practice and philosophy of medicine have not kept pace with the dramatic technical and social changes of the last century. Therefore, he has committed himself to unearth solutions in healthcare that will first improve, and then transform, our society’s approach to wellness and longevity. His insights will make way for a more empathetic and effective healthcare system in the United States and beyond.

What should such a system look like in the 21st century? James Henning, MD, MHCDS has made it his purpose and his passion to find out. Dr. Henning has always felt that healing means more than performing routine procedures or complicated surgeries. Instead, he wants to help people manifest a higher quality of life through personal fulfillment, setting realistic goals, and designing sustainable solutions for long-term wellness and life satisfaction.

He has gone beyond medical practice to focus on providing innovative insights, wise counsel, and evocative system design to some of the world’s best-known healthcare brands. He works diligently to drive healthcare towards more Health and less Care—to design systems that are more proactive than prescriptive for people, practitioners and payers.

How might we improve quality, manage risk, and measure a higher level of performance? Dr. Henning works with providers, payers and other players in the U.S. and global healthcare system to understand the challenges and create opportunities for real progress. He is committed to reaching these goals through practical investigation and collaborative brainstorming.

James Henning believes that in this work one must merge curiosity with creativity. His knowledge and talents help him to reveal untapped opportunities for business leaders, medical technology companies and forward-thinking policymakers. James helps fine-tune the key drivers for reaching new, productive solutions for inspired consulting firms and advertising, marketing and design agencies around the globe.

From the operating room to the boardroom, James imagines, refines, and implements game-changing concepts in healthcare, medicine, and business—which, once executed, are intended to improve outcomes for all involved. He brings the EMPATH team almost four decades of experience in medicine, healthcare administration, systems design, using ethnographic research and data analysis to deliver results many can only imagine. His journeys throughout the U.S. have also given him a broad understanding of the challenges that the healthcare industry, medicine and small businesses face.

James spent over 30 years living, loving, and healing in Palo Alto, California, the epicenter of medicine and academia in the Bay Area. He now lives in Martha’s Vineyard. Some of his daily indulgences include meditation, extreme fitness exercise, fine wine and exquisite dining as well as playing jazz guitar. He also finds inspiration in his inspiring entrepreneurial wife and their two Dachshunds.