Kevin Yang

Creative — Software Engineer, Web Developer

Kevin Yang is a software engineer who focuses on the precision and accuracy it takes to bring clients’ visions to life on the web.

He takes the blueprints of a website—map, design, and graphics—and strategically puts the puzzle together to create a clear and user-friendly website.

Yang can usually be found behind a computer screen typing out various patterns of code, or coding languages, for a rendering engine. He’s motivated by his work every day when he’s able to see lines of code that he’s constructed transformed into interfaces on the screen.

The more you write, the more complex a code becomes. Yang says he enjoys the challenge.

Throughout web development, he’s able to work effectively with designers and clients to understand their vision for a website that will not only be operationally straightforward but is aesthetically pleasing to all who access it.

It’s relaxing, Yang says, to create code that starts simply with patterns of ones and zeros and evolves into complex computer languages. It’s a skill that requires not just attention to detail, but the patience to understand how to transform visual concepts into digital reality.

With seven years of experience working across an array of clients, Yang said he got his start working for web development and mobile app agency i-Tul—whose clients range from eBay to the Los Angeles Dental Society. Through this agency, he was consistently working on various projects and clients to build up his skillset in the field.

When Yang takes a breath from rapidly typing on his keyboard, he can be found on a biking trail in Pleasanton, CA or enjoying a fishing trip with friends and his family.