Blancarte – California

It’s one thing to innovate against an identified consumer need; it’s another to touch a nerve that can, literally, turn brand into hero. Which brings us to the subject of fashion-centric-purse-carrying women who not only insist on statement-making style, quality and, craftsmanship but demand true utility. Their biggest complaint: the black hole interior of their adored handbags flips the pleasure of drop-dead cool into the pain of endless key- and compact-searching frustration. All of which served as the inspiration for the startup roadmap and creative package EMPATH developed for a new company we named “Blancarte.” Combining a detail-rich, Latin contemporary design vibe with a novel internal illumination system, the company and its products were positioned to support and elevate the buyer’s personal brand. And that, as every fashionista can tell you, is a must.

“Can a purse elevate happiness with elegance, warm light and innovation? Absolutely.”


Developed a business strategy and designed a sophisticated luxury brand identity for a start-up focused on contemporary handbag design and technology innovation.

  • Brand Empathics Investigation—understanding the mindset of high-end buyers, relevant fashion trends, and applicable technologies.
  • Brand Consulting and Roadmapping—providing ownership with a comprehensive and actionable plan that articulated overall strategy, brand story, product development guidelines, creative strategy, launch tactics, and ongoing market initiatives.
  • Creative direction, art direction, copywriting, photography supervision, product visualization.

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