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In the course of updating their brand management approach, a California-based legal leader discovered something disturbing: they were spending thousands of dollars a month on pay-per-click advertising, and it wasn’t working. That’s when they hired EMPATH to identify the root cause of the problem, evaluate sales workflow and systems, and improve operations across all their offices to drive sales growth. The recommendation: switch from manual Excel-based spreadsheet lead tracking to integrated technology that would allow them to manage inbound leads, create follow-up templates, facilitate reporting, and support long-term consistency and continuity. The perfect 3rd party answer was right in our wheelhouse: HubSpot.

“Some consultants merely advise. Others roll up their sleeves, dive in, and make a provable business difference.”


Transformed sales processes in a mere two months. By the end of month 3, pay-per-click costs decreased by 48% while qualified leads climbed by an unprecedented 15%.

  • Sales Workflow Analysis—geared to understanding the strengths and weaknesses of legacy systems.
  • Collaborative Technology Assessment—working with internal teams to evaluate competitive solutions for affordability and easy, intuitive
  • HubSpot Strategy and Implementation—capitalizing on our expertise to minimize friction and promote easy and intuitive adoption.
  • Digital Marketing Consultation—a customized approach to optimize owned media marketing and inbound results.

Uncover your brand innovation

The marketing world is rich in data, analytics, and technology. But to get the real benefit of that wealth of information, you need something entirely human—that rare quality called empathy. Because the real goal isn’t just to see your brand, marketing, and operational opportunities. It’s feeling the full scope of what’s possible. Ready for EMPATH?

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