Fender Wines

To quote the Fender website: “Jimi Hendrix used a Fender Stratocaster to create his most distortion-drenched masterpieces. Jeff Beck tickled the Fender Telecaster to play his jagged riffs. Stevie Ray Vaughan spun his muscular blues on a Strat.” And EMPATH got a taste of that glory, literally, with the chance to propose a new brand extension that would translate Fender’s musically iconic status into an eponymous lifestyle-focused wine. To quote from our rationale: “given a choice between hearing a great band and being among the first to discover a cool band, people will choose the latter every time. That’s why premium quality, sublime-tasting, Fender Wine will crackle with rebelliousness, independence, artistry and freedom. In the end, it’s a concept that will make people feel good about themselves by connecting them to what they truly love.”

“One good musical legend deserves another.”


By definition, lifestyle brands sell experiences and Fender is uniquely positioned to give consumers the key to what they idealize. Internally, the project was proof of concept for a host of additional products and brands under a newly conceptualized “Fender Lifestyle” umbrella.

  • Brand Incubation Lab —methodologies to harness the power of brand truths to inspire innovation.
  • Story Development—creating the brand persona and narrative that will propel a new product.
  • Concept Visualization—translating the result into red hot designs and market-relevant packaging.
  • Creative direction, art direction, photography supervision, copywriting.

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