Martinelli’s – Watsonville

Family-owned and operated since 1868, producing beloved premium beverages, and honored with more than 50 gold medals for excellence at state, national, and international expositions, the good people at Martinelli’s had what you could call an embarrassment of brand riches. Their problem: how to leverage a century-and-a-half of juice excellence without turning it into a dry and dull history lesson. EMPATH’s answer: go straight to the source, reviewing, compiling, and annotating literally thousands of photos, clips and records to build a brand story, told inside a fabulous coffee-table book, that would be as authentic as the brand itself.

“Well told, every brand’s story has the potential to become an invaluable asset.”


Admired by the company’s legion of fans, celebrated the trade, and reported on by the national media, the book won multiple state and national awards in top competitions including the American Advertising Federation’s ADDYs®.

  • Research—deeply exploring, understanding, and documenting the company’s true legacy.
  • Storytelling—translating the result into a narrative to would appeal to all levels of trade.
  • Concept Visualization—providing decision-makers with clear tools to evaluate and offer input.
  • Creative direction, photography and art direction, copywriting.

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