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While Microsoft had long been known as a top technology leader and fierce marketer, few gave the company much—make that, any— credit for customer insight or empathy. And on that score the data is incontrovertible: companies that don’t seem to “get” their prospects often lose out to those who do. Even in supposedly “just the facts” categories like business banking, insurance, and, yes, technology. Which is why Microsoft’s leadership, invited EMPATH’s creative director to join an internal/external team in re-imagining a corporate campaign that would celebrate the dreams, passion, purpose, and creativity of end-users. The rest is advertising history.

“Even the most complex technology sale includes a vibrant emotional component.”


By injecting a brand emotional truth into the mix, the campaign not only sent a compelling message to customers and prospects, but also added an important new dimension to the company’s own culture. The fact this work won top awards in major competitions and is still a point of internal pride.

  • Brand Investigation—understanding current customer perceptions and potential new areas of resonance.
  • Brand storytelling—developing narratives that would support a customer-centric advertising approach.
  • Creative collaboration—working with external and internal creative resources to conceptualize a new strategic direction.
  • Creative strategy, art direction, copywriting.

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The marketing world is rich in data, analytics, and technology. But to get the real benefit of that wealth of information, you need something entirely human—that rare quality called empathy. Because the real goal isn’t just to see your brand, marketing, and operational opportunities. It’s feeling the full scope of what’s possible. Ready for EMPATH?

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