Rancho Bowl – Santa Maria

From the very largest corporation to the smallest mom and pop, every company needs to understand three things; “what business are we in,” “who are our customers,” and “what’s our plan for growth.” Realizing they didn’t have a clear answer to any of these, the owners of this iconic local fixture decided to seek outside marketing expertise to help them cut through increasing decision-making paralysis and achieve essential clarity and focus. That led to EMPATH and the collaborative process needed to get the business back in a growth-oriented lane.

“Good advice is useful, collaboratively arriving at the right marketing conclusions is invaluable.”


Since project completion, Rancho Bowl has consistently enjoyed double-digit growth. We’ll see you there.

  • Brand Empathics investigation—developing a comprehensive strengths and weaknesses picture via one-on-one interviews with decision-makers and customers.
  • Market Analysis—leading to a precision definition of prioritized customer personas (25 – 35 year old woman bringing her kids; 21 – 31 year old man seeking social time) and how to best reach them.
  • Operational Hospitality Consulting —establishing management policies that would guide managers and staff in every aspect of customer service and, again, setting priorities.
  • Brand Consulting, Design, Guidelines, Brand Identity Asset Development—giving the company the visual resources needed to expand marketing impact and ROI.
  • Corporate communications, interior and exterior service design, marketing, and advisory services.

Uncover your brand innovation

The marketing world is rich in data, analytics, and technology. But to get the real benefit of that wealth of information, you need something entirely human—that rare quality called empathy. Because the real goal isn’t just to see your brand, marketing, and operational opportunities. It’s feeling the full scope of what’s possible. Ready for EMPATH?

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