A Regional Health & Wellness Non-Profit

Nestled in the foothills of northern Santa Barbara county is a preeminent non-profit that serves people with mental and physical challenges. For over 60 years, they have been helping their clients learn critical life and work skills. To do this, the non-profit launched a real business to teach their clients real skills: a full-service restaurant open for breakfast and lunch five days a week. Although the restaurant employed a variety of their clients, and taught them knife skills, serving, cooking, and other related tasks, the operation was losing money. They hired EMPATH to reimagine their business model to retain and increase the number of clients they train while making a profit. EMPATH delivered a strategy that proposed transforming their menu with healthy, cognition-improving foods, and recommended a variety of experience improvements to increase convenience, customer engagement, and community involvement.

“A Place for Better Living.”


Designed a turn-key business plan focused on key trends in the industry, built community consensus with acclaimed restaurateurs, executives at global companies, and local partners, and established potential corporate customers/sponsors.

  • Brand EMPATHICS investigation—one-on-one decision-maker interviews and comprehensive audience analysis.
  • Business Model Innovation – plan and recommend a transformation to their restaurant to serve healthy items and offer greater convenience.
  • Brand consulting and roadmapping—providing executives and board with a comprehensive and actionable plan that articulated overall strategy, creative strategy, launch tactics, and ongoing market initiatives.

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The marketing world is rich in data, analytics, and technology. But to get the real benefit of that wealth of information, you need something entirely human—that rare quality called empathy. Because the real goal isn’t just to see your brand, marketing, and operational opportunities. It’s feeling the full scope of what’s possible. Ready for EMPATH?

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