On its surface, secured storage would seem to be one of those categories that’s entirely cold, emotionless, and transactional. That is, until you realize that it’s not the size of the combination lock that counts, it’s what people are placing in your care. Which is exactly what we discovered after being tasked by StoragePRO to develop sales collateral aimed at potential investors in new facilities. The strategic result: agreement to reframe the company’s multi-layer brand narrative around this uniquely appealing aspect of their corporate DNA. Along with a high impact direct response package that leveraged brand truth to dramatically amp up leads, increase efficiency, and lower marketing costs.

“Customers are surprised at how seriously we take their trust.”


Today, the StoragePRO is the nation’s leading independent storage management organization, trusted by investors for their total integrity and acumen, while meeting the needs of thousands of retail customers in California, Utah, Washington, Arizona, Nevada, Texas and Colorado. All underpinned by a durable brand story that emphasizes the company’s remarkable passion for its most important role.

  • Brand Empathics Investigation—one-on-one decision-maker interviews and comprehensive audience analysis.
  • Brand Communications Planning—turning a one-off sales piece into a long-term multi-use direct response package.
  • Direct Response Strategy and Program Design—recalibrating the call-to-action to serve as a stronger lead magnet.
  • Creative strategy, copywriting and design.

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The marketing world is rich in data, analytics, and technology. But to get the real benefit of that wealth of information, you need something entirely human—that rare quality called empathy. Because the real goal isn’t just to see your brand, marketing, and operational opportunities. It’s feeling the full scope of what’s possible. Ready for EMPATH?

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