What We Do

A respected brand consultancy and evolving ideas boutique, E M P A T H offers clients a full range of strategic and creative services in just about every communications discipline — traditional advertising, brand consulting, design, environmental, retail, direct and digital — all crafted and coordinated within one firm.


Advisory Services

Develop a better understanding of your brand to reduce complexity, and embrace agility

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Creative Services

Design is essential in generating understanding, inciting emotions and sustaining attention

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Digital Services

Digital isn’t a trend. It is a way of life. Because digital makes life more convenient

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Brand Incubator & Innovation Lab

Create our own brands and launch our own branded products and services

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Corporate Training

We create and lead inspiring seminars and workshops suited to your specific needs

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Lectures & Speaking

Inspire your team, generate insight, and drive innovation with outside perspective
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Knowledge is the most fertile soil for germinating creativity

Insightful research is understanding’s prerequisite. To ensure the successful creation, re-positioning or revitalization of every client’s brand and business, we begin with a thorough investigation of the company’s business practices, people, culture, competitors, industry and, most importantly, its customers. Such rigorous and objective analysis is indispensable for identifying the key issues and challenges that inform our work.

We are intentionally independent and relatively small in order to preserve our working ethos and avoid the kind of bureaucracy that often clouds perceptions and stifles creative energy. We only take on a very select and limited number of client engagements per year so that we have the time to fully immerse ourselves in the project at hand, attend to the smallest details and ultimately astonish our clients with what our team creates and delivers.

We always search out and seek the truth

At the outset of every project, we research and examine all relevant and appropriate aspects of the client’s current business and brand reality: a thorough and precise understanding of each of our client’s business practices, its culture, its competitors, its industry and its customers.

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Clarity, give your voice power

In a world deluged by irrelevant information, clarity should be your brand’s power. We work with our clients to help them simplify and clarify their verbal brand positioning, their messaging, and all of their content and communications to help them connect with all of their audiences.

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Touch emotions and move minds

We ensure that we strategically and systematically design every brand touchpoint, every interaction, and each engagement to be more aesthetically beautiful. Brilliant design is essential in generating understanding, inciting emotions and sustaining attention.

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