What we do

What challenges are you facing in your business? We’ll be happy to tailor a presentation to your needs. Whether you want a lecture on a given topic or a seminar to help you work through specific challenges, please review the list below for topics.


Digital Disruption
This presentation focuses on the new rules for business in the post-digital age. It covers what we can learn from companies that are driving change forward in the world, with specifics we can apply as they relate to culture, processes, structure, and thinking to help businesses adapt and thrive.

Business Transformation
A more pragmatic guide to thinking about change in the modern world. A clear and concise presentation or consultancy experience for how businesses can put new technology at the heart of their business and unleash the power of the new in an era with radically different customer expectations. Learnings include human-centered design, service expertise, and mobile-first thinking.

Future Trends
This is a custom deck, specifically created for each client, and built around a theme or category. Previous presentations include the future of mobility, design thinking, social media, or travel. Many presentations include, where relevant, sections on Blockchain, AI, the Internet of Things, new mobility, the horizontalization of business, new customer interfaces, personalization, new privacy standards, and more.

The Future of Advertising
Here we cover broad changes in the media and advertising landscape, insight-led, but data-supported. It focuses on trends with customized content on what they mean for your business.

Case Study

Measure U threatens your access to care, harms local health care providers, and creates a huge financial burden for the City of Livermore and its taxpayers. To get the full story, listen to what our community’s doctors, nurses, and medical professionals have to say about this dangerous proposal. Vote “No on Measure F”.

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