The Brand Promise


1, Sep 2019. 11:22am

As we often say, humans make decisions based on their emotions.

For example, how strongly a customer feels about one coffee shop or the other will dictate where they choose to go for their caffeine fix before work. That emotionally-based decision is partly based on trust. In order to earn trust a business must have a well-rounded understanding of both the internal and external aspects of their operations. That includes not only what customers are saying and thinking about the company, but what employees are thinking (and probably not saying) as well.

If employees have negative feelings about the work they do or the way they’re managed, it will come across to customers who serve them—and so will their positive thoughts.

Understanding the perceptions of your own people is important. That’s why it’s part of the brand assessments we do: it helps us to get to the truth. Sometimes it hurts, but it’s always actionable. When you accentuate the positives and root out the negatives, your people will be happier and more productive, your customers will pick up on it, and their trust in you will grow.