The Importance of System Thinking


12, Oct 2020. 17:13pm

Beyond strategy and creativity, marketing comes down to organisation. Here’s why…

Different audiences with a variety of needs, disparate channels with unique requirements, and a large team working with different deadlines and personalities.

Designing a blueprint for your marketing campaign, ahead of time, simplifies the entire process.

That, and having an amazing team, like our senior creative director Anton Suprunenko, who’s phenomenal creativity and attention to detail is off the charts. And our lead copywriter Nancy Bernard, who’s a jiu-jitsu master when it comes to words.

Together, they helped lead our team to earn the coveted Gold award for our client, Mission Linen’s, recent integrated marketing campaign. It includes a new sub-brand activation, Mission Medical Uniforms, and promotion of their nationally released program, SmartBuy, which streamlines hospitals’ employee uniform programs.

It’s nice to earn an award, but I’m more excited about how the program helps stressed hospital administrators drastically cut the time it takes to manage their supply chains.