Michael Maddy

Strategy — Senior Account Executive

The way Michael sees it, technology is a tool, not an end in itself. You don’t just bring in the hottest technology: you find a business need and fill it. Many facets come into play during the search for a solution for a client, a business, or even an entire industry. Michael often puts the puzzle pieces together to create an innovative solution wherever he sees a need.

His mantra is ‘there’s always a better way to do things.” That focus has enabled Michael to identify needs within various industries and develop business models that he experiments with to create solutions.

Michael Maddy has worked in a variety of executive and sales roles, from owner and CEO of a 25-year-old insurance marketing company and a regional sales manager for Wells Fargo to the founder of the largest online labor union directory and chief revenue officer and co-founder of a digital mortgage processing provider. These positions career have spanned the digital marketing, financial, healthcare, and technology industries.

His analytical and solution-based drive has a lot to do with his educational background. Michael earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education at San Diego Christian College, and a Master of Divinity at Northwest Seminary. He describes himself as a product evangelist because he propagates and sells solutions. As in his ministry work, Michael says that he empowers people in many ways. He calls this empowerment selling, which is based on understanding the needs of the people he’s selling to—he’s not just selling at them. His experience working with and for different industries, employee mixes, and customer groups have given him a good understanding of different kinds of people.

When Michael has a moment to himself, he enjoys riding his road bike to local lakes and vineyards. He also trains for triathlons and bike races. He says, “so far I’ve beaten my personal time every year.”

Michael also financially supports a water ministry in Africa, wherever there is a need. He works with a local driver to bring a truck equipped with a water tank into villages to provide the community with water when wells run dry. Michael visits these communities to learn about their needs and to teach about farming, finance, faith, and family.