PJ Lloyd

Strategy — Digital Marketing Strategist

PJ Lloyd is one of those rare individuals to discover the essential formula for reaching the top of her field – a powerful combination of marketing acumen, media savvy and a remarkable facility with new technologies that connect people with the brands they covet. Her current abiding passion is creating and then building Internet marketing strategies around the latest technology trends that get measurable results for her clients.

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization, social media strategies, paid search, affiliate marketing, email marketing, online lead generation and online brand development, Lloyd is the go-to expert, collaborating with users, clients, partners and IT professionals to create and implement strategies that keep client’s audiences excited and engaged. According to PJ, “Right now I pretty much live, breath and eat digital marketing. Enough Said!”

PJ has spent her diverse and eclectic career in marketing working tirelessly across a broad range of industries in crucial positions, from planning and buying media at Young & Rubicam for their top-tier clients, to merchandising and marketing in the cut-throat, fast-paced world of fashion, to overseeing sales and marketing in the publishing and broadcast domain, to finally settling in with the EMPATH team. Here she focuses all of her passion, knowledge and efforts on mastering the next generation of digital marketing. While she may initially seem merely like a geeky tech programmer at work (to those who don’t know her very well), she thinks differently. “Writing and analyzing a piece of code,” she says, “is like crafting a piece of functional art in my mind.”

Academically, Lloyd is an Augsburg College graduate, who also completed studies in International business at the American University of Paris and the Schiller International University in London.

When she is not helping clients develop stronger customer relationships and achieve higher profits through the implementation of effective digital technology, she splits her time between her homes in Minneapolis, Minnesota and Half Moon Bay, California with her family and her beloved dog, Elvis.