What we do

E M P A T H has long striven to become more than just an ad agency, design firm, or strategic marketing consultancy. Along the way, we did a range of experiments to test our ideas around building business relationships with new industries in communities we’re already familiar with. In the process we actually created a few new products and brands, and launched them successfully. The end result is our new Brand Innovation Lab, which will help to transform the creative marketing ecology.

The Brand Innovation Lab lets you create your own new brands and launch your own branded products and services. The Lab helps us see the cultural, business, and community activities that drive culture holistically, and leads to behavior change and innovation. Care to join us?

Risk is a precursor to reward

Brands help people make choices. It can be that simple. And we have all witnessed the exponential increase in the number of choices we need to make on a daily basis. Buying decisions take more time, and often get in the way of essential routines. We’ve been yearning to launch “smart brands” to help customers make easier and smarter choices. And now we’re doing it.


We’re changing our focus. Instead of just helping our clients compete with other brands, we’re embracing every opportunity to help them understand their customers’ latent needs and deliver products that meet or exceed them.

Case Study

Measure U threatens your access to care, harms local health care providers, and creates a huge financial burden for the City of Livermore and its taxpayers. To get the full story, listen to what our community’s doctors, nurses, and medical professionals have to say about this dangerous proposal. Vote “No on Measure F”.

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