What we do

We can help you elevate your team through proven workshops on the best techniques and strategies for using leading software applications, design thinking, and other critical skills to manage your brand more effectively. We cover both technical and soft skills in workshops and training engagements.


Technical Skills

  • Sales management using CRM to develop and nurture a lead pipeline
  • Social selling using LinkedIn to build awareness and maintain mindshare
  • Business innovation to transform an old or archaic business model using digital techniques and platforms
  • Project management operations training to organize and streamline workflow in a single department or across departments
  • Digital operations training to improve interactions and interfaces with disparate platforms, teams, and processes
  • Process management to set up, establish, and maintain standard operating procedures and to standardize services
  • Time management to help your team achieve more in each workday

Soft Skills

  • Design thinking exercises to inspire and drive your creative team to design better communications and experiences
  • Deep listening techniques using empathy to connect with the customer and help you raise the customer experience to a new level.  This is where your team will learn how to not only understand your customers, but feel what they feel. Your team will walk away with a newfound perspective and appreciation of those they serve
  • Brand awareness discussions that educate and motivate your entire team to understand brand and to think of it in new, more effective, and more relevant way

Invest in your people

Internal brand shapes your external brand and is driven, in a large part, by your people. Invest in your people, and your people will invest in your brand, which will be reflected in every touchpoint of your customers journey. From sales and marketing to support and operations. We can help your people use brand inspiration, creative imagination and technological innovation to bring ideas to life – ideas that move minds, excite emotions, change behavior and drive profitable results for your brand.


Our core staff, world-class team of collaborators, gifted innovative thinkers and incredible partners have been the trusted business advisors, brand counselors and creative minds behind some of the most influential businesses, iconic brands and noteworthy institutions in the world. Let us share some insights with you.

Case Study

Commemorating their 150 year anniversary, our team was tasked with designing an Anniversary Book for Martinelli & Co. Between sifting through hundreds of photos to learn the company’s history, we uncovered their path to becoming an iconic brand. Perhaps more important, this award winning asset provided an opportunity to generate significant exposure, across national media outlets.

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