What we do

For us, the most important components of a successful working relationship are trust, respect and open communication. As in any productive relationship, it’s critical that both parties trust one another and feel free to think and act boldly, take risks, make the occasional mistake and always strive to produce brilliant work that matters.


  • Brand consulting
  • Company culture assessment
  • Corporate communications
  • Creativity and innovation workshops
  • Crisis communications
  • Customer experience
  • Design
  • Executive style consultations
  • Executive interviews
  • Experiential marketing and event planning
  • Ideation, idea advocacy
  • Immersion studies
  • Innovation workshops
  • Investor relations
  • Innovative insight research and consulting
  • Internal and external perception evaluations
  • Management consulting
  • Marketing consulting
  • Market research
  • Policy advocacy
  • Political consulting
  • Public affairs
  • Publicity and public relations
  • Organizational behavior assessments
  • Scenario development and planning
  • Assistance with agency and vendor selection and evaluation

A discipline neutral approach

We seek to help solve our clients’ problems by broadening their opportunities. That means that we don’t have any “favorite” strategy, tactic, media or discipline. Instead, we strive to be open-minded and use only those tools required by a specific client in a specific context. As was once said, “When your only tool is a hammer, everything tends to look like a nail.”

Insightful research is understanding’s prerequisite. To ensure the successful creation, re-positioning or revitalization of every client’s brand and business, we begin with a thorough investigation of the company’s business practices, people, culture, competitors, industry and, most importantly, its customers. Such rigorous and objective analysis is indispensable for identifying the key issues and challenges that inform our work.

Case Study

Measure U threatens your access to care, harms local health care providers, and creates a huge financial burden for the City of Livermore and its taxpayers. To get the full story, listen to what our community’s doctors, nurses, and medical professionals have to say about this dangerous proposal. Vote “No on Measure F”.

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