What we do

We believe great design requires great restraint, we often take a more minimalist approach in our work, prompting design with a purpose through clarity and simplicity. Regardless of the medium in which we work, we emphasize concepts, sound thinking, and beauty as effective devices that add to the company’s strategic competitive advantage in today’s hyper-competitive environment.


  • Advertising
  • Architecture
  • Art direction, design and critique
  • Brand design and identity asset development
  • Brand promise development
  • Brand nomenclature (naming)
  • Brand standards guidelines
  • Brand story creation (a way to bring the positioning to life)
  • Brand visual systems
  • Creative direction
  • Concept visualization
  • Corporate art buying and creation
  • Corporate communications
  • Design – graphic, product, industrial, interior and environmental
  • Design consultation
  • Executive style advisory services
  • Film and video production
  • Identity development (symbol, typography, color, imagery)
  • Illustration
  • Image consulting
  • Interior design and critique
  • Investor relations communications
  • Music scoring, sound design and sound identifiers
  • Photography
  • Product design and review
  • Speech writing
  • Story creation
  • Writing, editing and proofreading

Design is a major part of every project that we do

Beautifully executed visual ideas touch emotions, move minds, and then build brands. We ensure that we strategically and systematically design every brand touchpoint, every interaction, every communication, and each engagement to be more aesthetically beautiful.

Brilliant design is essential in generating understanding, inciting emotions and sustaining attention. That is why design is a major part of every project that we do. Design’s vocabulary is both graphic and editorial, working in concert. Our goal is to compose and express ideas memorably in ways consistent with our client’s desires, aspirations and objectives. And most importantly, from conception through execution, we strive to create original work that is without precedent.

Case Study

Commemorating their 150 year anniversary, our team was tasked with designing an Anniversary Book for Martinelli & Co. Between sifting through hundreds of photos to learn the company’s history, we uncovered their path to becoming an iconic brand. Perhaps more important, this award winning asset provided an opportunity to generate significant exposure, across national media outlets.

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